Reea is not your average psychic.    She is university educated and has spent most of this lifetime working in such diverse fields as education, business and health.   She just happens to also be a gifted Psychic Empath and consequently her Intuitive Soul Readings are unlike anything you have experienced before.   Reea tunes into your unique energetic frequency and you will experience the wonderful feeling of 'being seen, heard and understood'.

As a professional Life Coach and Therapist Reea has worked with more than 5000 private clients in the last decade.  She brings wisdom, penetrating insight and a down to earth approach to her gifts.  Reea is a qualified Psychotherapist and an expert at Relationships and Dating Advice.  She channels wisdom and insight from Divine Intelligence and the Egyptian Goddess Ma'at and can connect to your Higher Self.  Experience profound shifts and a new understanding of yourself.  See your relationships, your challenges and your Awakening to Enlightenment from a higher perspective.   Learn more....

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"I have just had a reading with Reea and it was the most accurate reading I have ever had, everything she said was absolutely precise, she was very encouraging and really positive. She went into great detail into a lot of things. I would highly recommend her if your looking for a good reading with someone, you won't be disappointed by her! " Julian 2016

"Reea is amazing, So in depth and spot on! Highly recommend you give her a try, I will use her in the future more often."   Sarah 2016